Saturday, September 17, 2022

An Abundance of Opportunity with Chris Li

A student wrote in asking about how to deal with: 

PO can’t or won’t prioritize the backlog

Team members are always taking on special side projects in the company

The team is 35 people spread across several time zones - both on and off-shore

Everyone is working on new products and also supporting up to 30 applications

Everyone is expected to be at 100% utilization at all times.

The Sprints are 4-5 weeks long (the size varies depending on the work to be done)

One hour is allocated for Sprint Planning

This is a lot to address here so I asked my good friend (and fellow CST) Chris Li to join me to talk through these challenges.

 The video version of the interview can be found here:

An audio version of the podcast can be found here:

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