Tuesday, May 31, 2016

DrunkenPM Radio Ep. 4 - Gender Bias in Project Management

Gender Bias in Project Management

Episode 4 of DrunkenPM focuses on the impact of Gender Bias in the Project Management space. This episode consists of two interviews. The first is with a group of women who work in Digital Project Management (Larissa Scordato, Tera Caldwell Simon and Patrice Colancecco Embry). The second interview features Agile Coach Natalie Warnert

Show Notes:
Interview 1 : Gender Bias in Digital Project Management - with Patrice Colancecco Embry, Tera Caldwell Simon and Larissa Scordato
00:05 Intro
01:18 Women in Digital Project management Interview start and guest introductions
04:42 Meet the Dexters
05:25 Being a PM comes with challenges, does being a female PM carry additional challenges
9:38 Reaching out to your team for validation and support
12:08 Getting support may not fix the actual problem
13:50 How much does experience factor in
14:35 Does having a commanding presence only come with experience and how does gender impact your ability to take the room
16:46 Larissa is not sorry for interrupting
17:41 Letting your team take the floor
18:28 Note Taking
20:20 Generational gender bias
22:50 An apology is nice, a public apology is better
23:00 Advice for young women who are new to Project Management
24:05 Having difficult conversations and owning your role
24:40 The power of being knowledgable about your topic
26:00 The importance of assigning a notetaker
26:45 Getting a mentor
27:19 Know that you are good at what you do
27:35 How gender bias has an impact on your use of the phrase “I don’t know.”
29:30 When you get caught now knowing
30:09 Pretending to be brave enough / Imposter Syndrome
32:00 Taking care when you act “As if…”
33:30 “You’re either emotional, or your’e a bitch…”
35:20 Putting on the dominant female role and protecting your team
38:00 The “Sorry” thing
44:20 Advice for Men
46:10 Contacting Tera, Larissa and Patrice
46:40 Closing

All the participants in the above interview are "on the Twitter"
Larissa Scordato: twitter.com/larissascordato
Patrice Colancecco Embry : twitter.com/patrice108
Tera Caldwell Simon: twitter.com/tcaldsimon

Interview 2 - Gender Bias in Agile - with Natalie Warnert
47:07 Intro to the Interview with Agile Coach Natalie Warnert
47:50 Natalie’s involvement with Women in Agile
48:42 Women in Agile events are not just for women
49:27 Is it more difficult for a young woman to break into Agile
50:40 Behavior at a conferences
51:33 An example of differing standards
52:27 Gender bias, age bias and the Agile Coach
53:30 Women attendees at conferences
54:06 Advice for women entering the Agile space
55:35 Carrying yourself with confidence and owning it
56:00 Being more mindful of gender bias
57:31 What is an Aspiring Feminist?
60:10 Is the bias as significant in Agile as it is in waterfall?
61:20 Proving yourself
62:30 Support among women in Agile and at Agile conferences
65:00 Fighting over the slice of pie
65:39 Not tracking gender at conferences
66:00 Tracking down Natalie

Natalie can be reached via her website at nataliewarnert.com

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Where to find the podcasts...

A friend send me a question via text today asking where to subscribe to my podcasts. I'm working trying to make the answer less complicated, but for right now, there are three answers because I post podcasts in a few places and not all of them can be subscribed to through iTunes.

LeadingAgile SoundNotes 

Interviews with the leadership and transformation consultants at LeadingAgile as well as our clients. These podcasts focus on the tactical application of Agile in various sized organizations. These are published very close to weekly.

You can subscribe to these via:

Projects at Work 

Interviews with thought leaders and practitioners in the Agile space. The range of topics tends to be a bit wide but I do try to make sure that the conversations would be relevant to anyone moving from the traditional side of the house over to a more Agile way of working.  This publishes close to weekly, depending on my teaching schedule.

You can check out these podcasts on my blog The Reluctant Agilist on Projects at Work. The site does require you to register, but it's free.

DrunkenPM Radio 

These are longer format interviews that are meant to dig deeper on specific topics and will often times include topics that step outside of Agile a bit. Recent conversations have included Bimodal, Coaching Burnout and Gender Bias in Agile. These take a little more editing. I'm trying to get them to be posted close to monthly, but sometimes the window is longer.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

David Bland on Lean Startup + Design Thinking + Agile

Check out my ProjectsatWork interview with David Bland on how his work at Precoil blends Lean Startup + Design Thinking and Agile.

Click here for the interview

Click here to check out Precoil

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Agile in Education Update

Check out my Projects at Work interview with the folks who got together at the 2016 Scrum Gathering to formalize the revolution Scrum is bringing to education.

Click here for the interview

To Learn More about the work that came out of the meeting in Orlando, click here -> http://www.agileineducation.org

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Maria Matarelli and the Agile Marketing Academy

Maria Matarelli is on a mission. She and her partner Nic Sementa want to bring Agile practices to the marketing world. In this Projects at Work podcast Maria and I talk about the Agile Marketing Academy, why it exists, how it can help and some of the impressive results they've seen for their clients so far.

And if you'd like, you can skip the interview and go straight to the Agile Marketing Academy.