Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Is this the Darkest Agile Timeline?

George Schlitz joins the podcast to discuss the current state of Agile, whether or not this is the darkest timeline, how we got here, how to make it better, and where to look for hope.

If you aren’t familiar with The Darkest Timeline, in the show Community there was a storyline where a random occurrence created multiple parallel timelines. A roll of the dice created six possible ways things could have gone… basically a six-sided multiverse. 

And one of the parallels created is THE DARKEST TIMELINE. It’s basically the Lemony Snicket timeline of worst case scenario where Captain Kirk is sporting his Van Dyke beard, Thomas Wayne is Batman instead of Bruce Wayne, it rains all the time, you miss every bus, never made that play in the big game, never asked that person to the prom, never got that promotion… you get the idea.

You can listen to the podcast here:

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Fixing Your Quarterly Planning with Nigel Baker

Nigel Baker joins me in this podcast to explore why so many organizations that are doing quarter planning are making such a mess of it. (Hint, if your teams regularly carry work from Sprint to Sprint and quarter to quarter, then you definitely fall into the "making a mess of it" category.)

During the interview Nigel and I talk through some of the totally valid reasons to do quarterly planning, some risks that come with it, why so many are doing it so poorly and how to fix it. 

You can find the video version of the podcast here.

You can find the audio version of the podcast here.