Monday, September 26, 2022

Obeyas and Agile in Film Making with Dan Eberle

Dan Eberle is back! This time in the podcast Dan is here to talk about his work as a filmmaker. The interview focuses on the Obeya he and his team use during production and how his work as an agile coach influences his work making films. 

If the term "Obeya" seems unfamiliar...
"Conceptually akin to traditional “war rooms,” an Obeya will contain visually engaging charts and graphs depicting such information as program timing, milestones and progress-to-date and countermeasures to existing technical or scheduling issues."

The podcast was recorded in video because Dan shows examples of his work. You can find the podcast here:

If you'd prefer an audio-only version, that lives here:

And if you'd like to check out a slide show with pictures of his Obeya and some of the other ways he and his crew visualize their work, you can find that here:

Saturday, September 17, 2022

An Abundance of Opportunity with Chris Li

A student wrote in asking about how to deal with: 

PO can’t or won’t prioritize the backlog

Team members are always taking on special side projects in the company

The team is 35 people spread across several time zones - both on and off-shore

Everyone is working on new products and also supporting up to 30 applications

Everyone is expected to be at 100% utilization at all times.

The Sprints are 4-5 weeks long (the size varies depending on the work to be done)

One hour is allocated for Sprint Planning

This is a lot to address here so I asked my good friend (and fellow CST) Chris Li to join me to talk through these challenges.

 The video version of the interview can be found here:

An audio version of the podcast can be found here: