Friday, December 04, 2020

The Art of Coaching with Christine Converse and Ross Beurmann

Two of my colleagues from LeadingAgile, Christine Converse and Ross Beurmann join me for a conversation on the Art of Coaching. During the interview we discuss how paired coaching strengthens their ability to foster organizational change and help companies move towards business agility. We also explore the differences between coaching executives and coaching team members, how paired coaching works, and why it has become such a powerful approach for them. Along the way, they both offer lots of tips and techniques you can employ whether you are working as an Agile Coach or serving on a team trying to help them, and your organization raise its game with Agile. 

You can find the podcast here

ALSO, this podcast features a brand new theme song for the podcast that was created by Chris DeMakes. If the music or Chris’s voice sounds familiar, that’s because Chris is in the band Less Than Jake. He also has a podcast of his own where he interviews songwriters and producers about the art of creating great music. The podcast is called Chris DeMakes a Podcast and it is definitely worth checking out.