Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Aikido, social engineering and Digital PM w/ Rachel Gertz from Louder than Ten

Go Straight to the Interview on Projects at Work

Rachel Gertz from Louder than Ten and I having a conversation with about the way Aikido, social engineering, body language and Project Management all intersect. This will be the first of many podcasty-ish chats. Thoughts/comments, feedback, hurled shoes would all be greatly appreciated. 

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  1. Anonymous12:33 PM

    A comment about being honest: It seems if we are genuinely feeling open, respectful and appreciative of ourselves and others, we would naturally display the communication cues that social engineering teaches. So the point of learning about the cues seems to be to trigger a realization that we or others are not in that place. And once we are aware we are not in that space, we can choose to explore what our obstacles are to getting there. As for other people getting there, it seems there is a difference between coaching and supporting others through obstacles versus manipulating them to act in a way that does not reflect where they are internally.

    A comment about how communicating well might make 80% of the work of a project unnecessary: Living authentically might well make 80% of life's work disappear. I once read that in stable pre-currency cultures, the average person works 17 hours per week. That includes food gathering and preparation, dwelling maintenance, child care, etc. Most of the rest of the waking time is spent socializing or in creative activities (art, music, storytelling, tool building, etc.) Imagine what our culture would be like if it wasn't acceptable to use marketing/social engineering to manipulate others into wanting what they don't need.