Monday, August 01, 2016

Project Managers, Stress and PTSD

On the Digital PM Slack channel there was some discussion recently about Project Managers' having PTSD. In this podcast, Carson Pierce, Senior PM at DDB Edmonton; Registered Psychologist, Dr. Krista Pierce (who is also Caron's wife); and I got the chance to discuss the topic of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the stress PMs' experience at work and the relationship between the two.

Show Notes:
Krista and Carson Introductions 0:15
Introduction to the topic of Mental Health and Project Management 1:58
The Stress Project Managers Experience vs. actual PTSD 3:30
Living with failure but expecting success 5:30
Are we making too much of it 6:19
We are a dysfunctional bunch 8:00
The role experience plays in helping you cope 9:55
Lacking self-awareness 12:40
How to cope with being assertive 13:42
Bringing the bad news and being at ease15:58
Role playing the tough conversations18:26
Personal risk management 19:39
Recommendations for coping with the stress of being a PM 21:00
Setting boundaries for yourself (and sticking with them) 24:15
Carving out the self-care space  and finding balance 25:55
Mindfulness 28:42
Talking with your client (and team) about personal boundaries 29:49
Owning the burden you choose to carry 32:32
Letting go of the things you can do (Inbox 1,708) 33:03
Parting advice for coping with stress 36:45
Getting in touch with Carson and Krista 39:50
The Digital PM Summit 2016 40:28

Contact Info:
Getting in touch with Carson and Krista
Kristi can be reached at
Carson can be reached at or via email at
If you'd like access to the Digital PM Slack Channel, just email Carson
The site for the 2015 Digital PM Summit  can be found here:

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