Monday, July 18, 2016

Agile Transformation and Craftsmanship of the Self

In this SoundNotes interview, LeadingAgile’s Tom Churchwell explains what it’s like to stick with an Agile transformation all the way through, the Agile and Beyond conference, and the fundamental questions that lead to craftsmanship of the self.

Tom Churchwell Notes 

Interview Begins 1:48
Background on Tom 2:14
Tom’s path to Agile 3:23
The long haul of transformation 4:20
I lost my cube, but I got this shirt 5:05
The long haul 6:05
I trust you implicitly from right out of the gate 7:16
Creating a safe space to make it work 8:00
Change is slow 8:30
Agile Beyond 9:55
Reorienting around excellence 10:45
Ae we still pushing the boundaries? 13:35
Creating the Safe Space 14:15
Increased focus on the human side of Agile 16:00
What do you do when excellence fails? 17:45
I don’t believe that there are dark places 18:38
If your team is in the doldrums, it is the fault of leadership 19:24
Enroll and Inspire, nor command and control 19:40
Craftsmanship and art are a part of what high technology people do 21:00
Bob Hoover - an amazing scary story about trust 23:00
We need a safe space where people can make mistakes 24:25
On volunteering and how it can inspire you 26:30
The fundamental questions of the self 32:30
Tom’s mission and craftsmanship of the self 33:18
Volunteering for Agile and Beyond 35:30
Getting in touch with Tom 37:15

Tom can be reached at

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