Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Catching Up... 27 Podcasts, 5 Blog Posts and a Chicken

Me holding a chicken
Sometimes, when you leave for the airport so you can go teach, you forget your guitar. (Actually, it isn't really a "sometimes" thing... more of a "once" thing... NEVER AGAIN).

When that happens you find yourself staring at your Kanban board looking at the cards that never move... like the one that says UPDATE YOUR BLOG!

I've been total crap at keeping this up to date. Sadly, my own blog is always the last place I remember to post new things, so... here is an onslaught of things  I have posted since the Agile 2015 Interviews.

I'm going to try (again) to suck a bit less at keeping this up to date.

If you like any of these, the best place to see updates from me on podcasts is on Twitter @mrsungo or @drunkenpm. (And there are some REALLY good ones coming.)

drunkenPM Radio Interviews (Episode 3 is coming soon)
Projects at Work Podcast Interviews
Note: these require registration, but it is free
LeadingAgile SoundNotes Interviews 
LeadingAgile Blog Posts  

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