Friday, February 01, 2008

GTD and Project Management, two great taste that... um... maybe

For about a year now I've been trying to find different ways to blend the old timey PMBOK approach with some of the tools of agile. I'm doing this because after years of suffering the after effects of a "bad experience" with extreme programming, I ended up on a gig at a company for whom the waterfall/pmbok approach was entirely useless. Their business was so wide in scope and in such a constant state of flux that an agile approach was actually the only viable option.

Cue the Scrum intro music...

And as I've mentioned in previous posts, this resulted in something of a shift in my job responsibilities. Which leads to my new project-ish idea.

The new thing I've started working on is how to incorporate GTD into my project management. I have been trying to use it to try to maintain the tidal wave of stuff I have to keep track of each day, but lately I've been wondering how those same principals could be applied to a larger venue - beyond personal productivity to actual project and program management.

I'll post updates as I work through this, but if anyone has comments or suggestions, they'd be most welcome.

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  1. I've been trying to stick to a "lurk and read" mode, but I'm losing the battle with myself. I'm just going to wade in and start commenting as I'm catching up on your blog.

    I was very much on this quest at this point in time (Jan '08) of using useful stuff from PMBOK with Agile concepts. I'll read more of your blog before I make any more comments.