Friday, October 04, 2013

An Interview with Mike Vizdos

I had the chance to interview Mke Vizdos for a podcast recently. You can find it here.

Even if you aren't familiar with Mike, there is still a good chance you are familiar with his work. Here is a list of some of the things he's been up to recently...

Mike Vizdos is  ____(please select from below)____________ 
 X  A Father of two great kids and Husband of an incredible wife
 X  A Certified Scrum Trainer
 X  An Agile thought leader / author who has been talking about enterprise level Agile adoption since before it even occurred to most of us
 X  All about Implementing Scrum
 X  Entrepreneur
 X  One of three guys in a shop working with Lean Startup 
 X  Co-founder and Community Builder of Gangplank RVA  
 X  Podcaster (will link to)
 X  Author of a children’s book illustrated by his son
 X  Founder of Real Scrum Jobs (will link to)
 X  A really nice guy
 X  Way busier than you…
 X  A walking example of how following your passion around certain areas of focus can help you establish an agile work life that is creative, experimental, invigorating, and of course, full of failure in the best possible way.
 X  Is working on applying what he learns daily using “this” cartoon as a reminder:

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