Monday, October 06, 2014

Summary of Personal Kanban Posts - for DPM 2014

I'll be giving a presentation on Peronal Kanban at the Digital PM Summit 2014 this week, so I figured it would be a good idea to index some of my posts on the topic...

Posts on My Personal Kanban Experiment


Jim Benson - April 2014
Marcell Scachetti - July 2013
Don Kim - June 2013

Recommended Reading

Personal Kanban by Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Barry 
A Factory of One by Dan Markovitz
Why Limit WIP - by Jim Benson
Why Plans Fail - by Jim Benson

Friday, October 03, 2014

Personal Agility Canvas Webinars at BigVisible

I recently recorded some Personal Agility Canvas webinars for BigVisible:

Personal Agility Canvas
Five Measures Canvas

Downloadable versions of tabloid sized PDFs of the canvas tools are available with each.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Should Project Managers Be Trained in Social Engineering? (with Rachel Gertz from LouderThanTen)

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In celebration of the fact that the 2014 Digital PM Summit is less than a week away... some DrunkenPM / LouderThanTen podcasty mashup goodness... Rachel Gertz and I discussing the question of whether or not project managers should go through social engineering training to better enable them to understand more of what people are sharing with them and also to help them be better able to tailor how they are messaging the information they are sharing.

Click here for the podcast

If you will be in Austin for the conference next week, Rachel is co-presenting with Carson Pierce on Monday, October 6 at 2 PM. Her session is called PM First Aid: Bring Your Projects Back From The Dead and my session on Personal Kanban will be on Tuesday at 11 AM.

The Aikido book referenced in the podcast is Aikido: Principles of Kata and Randori by Nick Lowry. You can pick it up here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Chris Matts on Real Options and Commitment - the Graphic Novel About Managing Project Risk

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Chris Matts is an Agile though leader and coach based in the UK. He’s also co-author (along with Olav Maassen and Chris Geary) of ”Commitment: A Novel About Managing Project Risk”. What makes the book so unique is that it is a graphic novel. The purpose of the story is to help the reader gain a deeper understanding of how to make truly informed (right) decisions based on a deeper understanding of the issues they are facing. 
Real Options is the central them presented in the book. This is a process that has been borrowed from the financial sector and applied to the decision making process that is part of managing project work.  The Real Options approach helps provide clarity around when decisions need to be made, rather than just focusing on how they are made. It begins with three key ideas:
  1. Options have value
  2. Options Expire
  3. Never commit early unless you know why
For more about Real Options, go here
One of the unique things Chris brings as an Agile coach is his background in investment banking. The application of tools and techniques from this area can provide a gateway or bridge into Agile for those coming from a similar work history. (Much the same way that looking at how Earned Value can be applied in Agile can help provide traditional PMs with a reference point.)
Chris is currently focusing his coaching efforts on how Agile works in the enterprise. If you’d like to learn more about the work he is doing, check out the podcast here.

You can follow Chris on twitter.
You can check out his blog here.
You can connect to Chris on LinkedIn here.

Monday, September 22, 2014

DPM Radio Interview

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The 2014 Digital PM Summit IS ONLY TWO WEEKS AWAY! Sign up at and you'll spend two day in the company of a few hundred project managers and digital media professionals who are part of a growing community of passionate, committed, creative people who are incredibly energizing to be around.
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If you'd like more detail on why this conference is so inspiring, check out the Digital PM Radio interview I did.  It was a little weird to be the one being interviewed for a change, but I had a great time. Carl Smith a great interviewer.