Saturday, November 28, 2020

Improving Your Facilitation Skills w/ Tricia Broderick

How do you make the leap from being someone who can deliver a presentation to being someone who can meet a crowd, entertain them and take them someplace where they happen to learn something valuable along the way? I know lots of people who can stand up in front of a room (or share a screen) and get through a topic without saying anything wrong. I know far fewer people who can take a room, offer valuable information wrapped in stories, and stagecraft in a way that appears effortless. 

Tricia Broderick is an accomplished, well-known thought leader in the Agile community and a fellow Certified Scrum Trainer. She is currently offering a class in Impactful Training and Speaking and I reached out to her in hopes that she might be able to share some thoughts and tips on how a presenter/teacher can amp up their ability at delivering a compelling, valuable fun experience for the people attending their session or class.

You can find the interview here.

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