Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Reframing Technical Debt as Technical Health - with Declan Whelan

In this interview Agile Alliance Board Member Declan Whelan makes the case for reframing Technical Debt and having organizations develop practices and programs supporting Technical Health. During the interview we discuss what technical debt it, how our perception of it has evolved and why taking a more positive and proactive stance for it can be so beneficial for organizations that are trying to improve flow and remain competitive in the marketplace.

Declan also shares details on the Agile Alliance’s OnAgile 2017 virtual conference which is taking place on October 25, 2017.


00:09 Interview Begins
00:36 Background on Declan
02:35 What is Technical Debt?
03:55 How the definition of Technical Debt has evolved
05:11 Impediments to flow
06:15 Why it makes sense to think of Technical Debt as Technical Health
09:42 How does technical debt happen?
11:15 The environment (or system) may be set up to support increased technical debt
13:12 Explaining to management why technical wellness is so important
14:26 Measuring technical health (and debt)
15:58 Explaining the debt in dollars and showing the value of investing in technical health
16:22 How much faster could you go?
17:25 Why Declan enjoys legacy code and why some folks get frustrated with it
19:00 Finding the right people to work on it
20:16 Should technical debt go in the Product Backlog?
20:55 Employing the Boy Scout rule
24:25 Does Leadership and the PMO understand the importance of dealing with technical debt?
26:00 How the PMO can have a positive impact on technical wellness
30:55 OnAgile 2017 - the Online Conference (10/25)
30:04 What is Psychlomatic Complexity?
34:16 The things in Agile that Declan is focusing on learning about 
36:00 Contacting Declan

OnAgile 2017


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