Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Tips for New ScrumMasters with Richard Cheng

You’ve taken CSM Training and passed the Exam. Now what?
In this podcast Certified Scrum Trainers Richard Cheng and Dave Prior share their thoughts on most important things that Certified Scrum Master students can do to be successful Scrum Masters once they have completed the training and passed the CSM Assessment Exam. The podcast includes an exploration of why each of the recommendations is critical to making Scrum work and both Richard and Dave share examples from their experiences in the field working with teams who did, and did not have these practices in play.

Links Mentioned in the Podcast
Geoffrey Moore Vision Statement
Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore
Roman Pichler’s website (where you can find the tools we mentioned)
Roman Pichler’s books

Contact Info
Richard Cheng
Works for Excella Consulting

Dave Prior
Works for LeadingAgile

The music featured in the podcast was downloaded from The Free Music Archive
Intro Song
Cash Rules by Ari de Niro. For more info: or
Outro Song
Cherry Skies  - The New Mystical Troubadours. Find them here:

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