Saturday, May 28, 2016

Where to find the podcasts...

A friend send me a question via text today asking where to subscribe to my podcasts. I'm working trying to make the answer less complicated, but for right now, there are three answers because I post podcasts in a few places and not all of them can be subscribed to through iTunes.

LeadingAgile SoundNotes 

Interviews with the leadership and transformation consultants at LeadingAgile as well as our clients. These podcasts focus on the tactical application of Agile in various sized organizations. These are published very close to weekly.

You can subscribe to these via:

Projects at Work 

Interviews with thought leaders and practitioners in the Agile space. The range of topics tends to be a bit wide but I do try to make sure that the conversations would be relevant to anyone moving from the traditional side of the house over to a more Agile way of working.  This publishes close to weekly, depending on my teaching schedule.

You can check out these podcasts on my blog The Reluctant Agilist on Projects at Work. The site does require you to register, but it's free.

DrunkenPM Radio 

These are longer format interviews that are meant to dig deeper on specific topics and will often times include topics that step outside of Agile a bit. Recent conversations have included Bimodal, Coaching Burnout and Gender Bias in Agile. These take a little more editing. I'm trying to get them to be posted close to monthly, but sometimes the window is longer.

You can subscribe via

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