Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Updates on the Personal Branding Front...

I just finished watching the Project Shrink's new podcast with Dave Garrett (CEO of Gantthead) talking about Personal Branding. Very cool.

In my own personal efforts on the Personal Branding front, I stumbled a bit this summer. work, the IT&T SIG and P2P 2009 took up most of my "free" time recently, but I'm working on getting back into it. Which brings up another, maybe more common question. When you start working on your personal brand, and you end up going silent for a bit - how do you recover any lost momentum.

I've got the 2nd Personal Branding video ready to go and it should be live this week.

With respect to brand recovery efforts, as a follow up to his manly-man shirtless horseback riding pictures this summer, Vladimir Putin is now also working on developing his cred with the Russian Hip Hop crowd as a way to re-establishing his approval rating. I'm not sure if I am just in awe of it, or if it is more like my weird need to stares out the window at a horrible traffic accident as I drive by - either way - it is worth a quick read.

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