Friday, August 22, 2008

My Name is Dave and I Suffer from an Organizational Dependency

I have organizational issues. I give GTD a bad name. I have tried many different systems; paper based, electronic, writing on my hand in Sharpie (not so helpful if you also suffer from a Purell habit). There was a brief period a few years ago when I owned a Palm T3… now I love my iPhone and it helps, but the Palm T3 was, for my money, the greatest PDA ever made and I will never forgive the Geek Squad at Best Buy for rendering it beyond use while trying to fix it.

Then, a few months ago… Jott. And throughout the valley, there was much rejoicing. I could Jott myself all day long…in public, while driving, whenever. It was awesome. I finally felt like I had things on the road to being sorted again.

Then, this week, those Capt. Hammers at Jott had the unmitigated nerve to move out of beta. And now, they have the audacity to want me to pay them… with actual money… for what basically has become “organizational crack”. (Do those quotes make it look like there is such a thing?). I am in dire need of either rehab or something better… or someone who can convince Palm to put the T3 back into production.

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